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What is a car subscription?

What is a car subscription and why has it become so popular? Recently, a number of different alternatives to buying and leasing a car have emerged, let's take a closer look at the car subscription!

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What is a car subscription and why has it become so popular? Recently, a number of different alternatives to buying and leasing a car have emerged, let's take a closer look at the car subscription! A car subscription is a new and easy way to have a car. When you subscribe to a car, you get the same freedom as when you own a car, but with full flexibility to terminate the subscription whenever you want. It is often compared to Spotify for music or Netflix for movies. We will handle all the practicalities for you and you do not have to think about anything, from tire changes and service to depreciation and unforeseen repair costs. If your need for a car changes, you can switch to another car at any time or pause / end the subscription during the period when you do not need a car, for instance when you go on vacation. Subscribing to a car thus means having access to your own car, without owning it, during the period when you need it. Our customers choose to subscribe to a car because they want predictability and flexibility. The car is a means of transport that stands very still (actually 96% of the time), so more and more people want to avoid tying up capital or tying up for years in an asset that is used relatively little. In addition, we live in a time of rapid and major changes where the car you need today is not necessarily the one you need next month or in six months. You pay a low fixed monthly price, but can switch to another car at any time or unsubscribe.

So car subscription is like M (formerly Sunfleet), Snappcar, Gomore or Aimo?

No, that's a big difference. For many, it is enough to know that you have access to a car sporadically when you need it. This is the reason why new services are constantly being launched for occasional trips in larger cities, for example, Aimo, M, Snappcar and others. These services are perfect for users who need a car only once a month. We want to deliver a service that suits users who need the car often (every day or at least a couple of times every week) and want to make car life easier by not having to wrestle with all the hassle of owning a car yourself. The important thing for us is that the car you subscribe to should be experienced as your own as it is always outside your home available for your needs. But you can replace it or return it without being bound by any binding period.

What is actually included in a car subscription, in addition to the car itself?

The common denominator for many car subscriptions on the market is that you include several composite services in one and the same product. There are today several providers of car subscriptions but the content is a bit different. Some car subscriptions are really just a slightly more flexible leasing, while others offer a range of additional services included in the monthly fee. It is always good to read through and understand the terms properly before you start subscribing so you know what you are getting. At imove, we have some services that we know you do not get from other suppliers. No binding time, for example. Normally this is from 1 to 3 months. You can also drive as far as you want because we offer unlimited mileage, often the limits are between 1000 - 1500 km per month. We have a low deductible insurance that gives you as a subscriber a risk-free return of the car and we come to your home twice a year to change tires. We also offer access to an extra car that we call the weekend car when you need to travel longer distances.

What is a weekend car and how can you offer unlimited mileage?

To minimize the barrier of coping with everyday life only with an electric car, the subscription also includes access to what we call a weekend car. The weekend car is a larger car, usually a station wagon with four-wheel drive, which can take you on the longer journeys when needed. In this way, anyone who has two cars today, typically a small car for everyday use and a large car for the weekends, can do well with a car subscription from imove. The few trips to the mountains in the winter, or the summer cottage in the summer, are often the reason why many have two cars. Fortunately, we experience that more and more people realize that it is unnecessary to have an extra full-time car that is used very rarely. At imove you get two cars with unlimited mileage - for the price of one. It is good for the wallet and for the environment. When we started imove, we agreed to peel away all the negative things associated with owning a car. Limitations on mileage was one of the first factors we decided to remove, as we think that not many people drive a lot just because it is fun. The vast majority drive a car because they have a need to be covered. Our hypothesis was that there will certainly be some who drive too far, but that the majority stays below average. Today we know we were right