About us

About us

Imove is a group of green entrepreneurs, digital doers and car enthusiasts who have several ideas for new concepts that can help shape the mobility of the future

Our people

  • magnus

    Magnus Engervall


    Magnus Engervall manager in Imove Sweden and responsible for the Swedish market. Magnus has worked with innovation in the mobility industry for over ten years both as his own start-ups and in large car companies. Most noticed was Magnus start-up FlexiDrive.se (now SnappCar.se) which was the first in Sweden in 2011 to offer car sharing between private individuals.

  • bilde

    Hans Kristian Aas

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Hans Kristian is CEO & co-founder of imove. He has been involved from day 1 at the launch in Norway in mid-2018 and sees the mobility of the future revolving around accessibility and user-friendliness over ownership and rigid structures. Hans-Kristian is also an environmentalist with a conviction that electric cars are the future of our planet.

  • gunnar

    Gunnar Birkenfeldt

    CMO & Co-Founder

    Gunnar is CMO and co-founder of imove. He is responsible for sales, marketing and the concept as a whole. Gunnar is a pioneer in the automotive industry and has worked in the industry for over 15 years. Despite the interest in cars, few people use more electric scooters than Gunnar.

  • William Widlund
    William Widlund

    William Widlund

    Operations Manager

  • Pierre Katmerian
    Pierre Katmerian

    Pierre Katmerian

    Marketing and sales

  • Tobias Jönsson
    Tobias Jönsson

    Tobias Jönsson

    Urban Ninja


Cloud-base digital machinery

imove has built a cloud-based digital machinery that gives imove customers the seamless and flexible life of a car subscription. Customers can easily onboard, choose their car and order services using MyPage.

imove has secure authentication of customers, credit check for assessment, reliable monthly payments, automated toll passings, fleet management, data analytics and a series of micro services making car subscription auto-magic.


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